Wednesday, August 22, 2007!!!

i used 2 frequent cinemas in my sOlO days in both KL n Ipoh...but since settling down I can too easily count d times i went for movies ( satu tangan pun cukup.... )..reason being 'xde mase,cian nak tinggalkan ariff n adding to it the fact that abg is not pro-cinema....the few times yg i managed to gi cinema-outing tu alone or ngan sorang boring jugak....
so when the movie Rattatoille(x sure ah spellingnye...) was premiering,....teringin nak tgk.....ariff pun 2x5,each time ade ad kat tv 'bout d movie..sebuks dia lompat2 shouting out "Ummie!ummie,,, jom kite tgk Tou-Eee jom....( that's how he calls the movie..) tiap kali ad macam tu le gayanye...without fail..
Our luck kot..abg agreed to go left lil' aufa wif kak uswah n went...d 3 of us ( Me-abg-ariFF),g dekat mines je...9pm show...nak g jejauh esoknye keje....had a quick dinner n then tunggu nak msk cinemA...time tue ariff's excitement was apparent...he was shouting " too-ee...too-ee.."at each n every poster of d movie....n was even 'posing2' at the posters....though quite a number of other kids his age n older were there 4 d movie....being his first cinema-experience I'm prepared 4 the worst n unexpecteds......within what brief time b4 we entered d cinema...I wAS prepping my ariff with the Do's n Don'ts in d cinema....n even warned him of the 'gelapness' once movie starts n all....munching eagerly on his caramel pop-corn,his only reply to my 'cinema-guides-for-beginners'were " Errr..Okay kan Too-Eee nie.."..with both eyes n fingers glued to the pop corn box...shuffling in2 d cinema soon after...Ariff was all prepared 4 whatever comes, clad in his spidey-jacket , he was still busy munching d pop-corns n sipping Sarsi from 'Too-Eee' Water container...till the 1st sounds of ad came to life on d screen ahead...all Wide-eyed and struck numb in his seat, Ariff was awed with what passes on the big screen....("prak jgk anak aku nie.,.)...hulur pop corn pun x nak...tambah plak reply baik punye.."Ummie!!!takMO aaahh..ariff nak tgk Too-Ee nie..., tak mo pop corn..kenyang tahu!!!" he stayed that way all wide-eyed thruout d movie n on n off giving commentaries like.."die masak kek lah ummie...,sedapnye maggi tu..., Ooo,,dia ramainye,,,comey sangat kan Ummie..n lots others.."
4yg tak nie pasal a rat yg very clean n loves cooking n is very good at it....
He watched 3/4 of the movie then dah ngantuk...yelah all in all it was a very successful movie outing...even abg Njoyed it.....d best is abg's closing remark.. " sronok tgk ariff tadi..pandai die x nangis,n he Njoyed it...kalau ade cite best bley arghh bawak lagi"...-yaHoo!!!!4 ariff n Ummie both!!!hehheheh

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